Wheeler Cranes & Services Pty Ltd takes safety very seriously.

Our Safety Management System rests on seven principles:

Our entire company meets every month to discuss issues and to share information, including review of any OHS incidents, emerging trends within our industry and lessons to be learned from incidents throughout the world.  Our employees are encouraged to contribute to process improvements and to safety management via active participation in development and implementation of our safety system.

Our Safety Systems Manual requires our personnel to implement our Standard Operating Procedures at every site, ensuring a consistent, quality approach to the way we do business. Our safety system also recognises the need for personnel to adapt to conditions on site and to address the conditions that apply on site …….here…… ……… NOW.

Our Site Risk Assessment ensures that our personnel take that look around them for things that will affect how they do their job, and includes hold points and triggers that will prompt full risk identification, analysis, assessment and management  processes. The Site Risk Assessment form also provides a lift analysis to ensure that our cranes operate within manufacturer’s specifications and AS 2550.1 and AS 2550.5.

Specific issues that affect crane operation include fall prevention. To this end we are re-engineering our fleet to eliminate the risk of falls.

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