Safety Management System

Lift Planning

Safety in the crane industry arguably begins with lift planning. We offer free site inspections to ensure that you get the right crane for your job.

Site Inspection allows us to ensure that:

  • ┬áthe correct crane,
  • equipped with right equipment and
  • a qualified and competent crew
  • is allocated to your lift.

Specific concerns we look for include outrigger placement, suspended slabs, trenches and excavations, overhead obstructions, including power lines and conductors, the need for traffic control and measuring up the site.

Where necessary, our supervisors can confirm lift capacity using CAD drawings and proprietary lift planning tools.

Crane Selection

Once we know our operating radius, mass of load, lift height and obstructions, crane selection is simple.

If you know what you want, we will supply a crane you order.

If you have any doubt as to the crane you need, we strongly suggest you arrange a site inspection with one of our technical supervisors to confirm your crane type, size and requirements.

Job Management

Our integrated computerised despatch program ensures that we assign the correct crane, correct crew and right equipment to each job. It monitors the job from booking through to invoicing to ensure that all aspects of your lift are performed efficiently.

While our GPS tracking systems give us real time data on the status and location of our cranes:

We have also invested considerable sums in ensuring legal compliance with the NSW Roads & Maritime Services IAP requirements, locating and mapping lawful routes throughout our area of operations.

Crew competence

Our data management system reports to us on expiring inductions and licences, ensuring that personnel remain current and licensed for their work.

Our personnel are assessed by Registered Training Organisations as being competent to undertake specific roles. These assessments are recognised by the NSW Government and Workcover and are evidenced by our personnel holding National High Risk Work Licences.

We take our personnel through refresher training for their various roles every two years. This theory and practical, hands on, assessment process ensures that our personnel are competent and remain competent for their roles.

Site induction

We currently manage 107 active site inductions for our personnel. We ensure that our personnel are inducted to your specifications and requirements.

With the large numbers of inductions we manage, some including their own specialised medicals, we have developed an in-house system to monitor and report on inductions for our personnel.

Crane and Equipment Maintenance

Our cranes are maintained in accordance with AS2550 and AS1418 in addition to the Manufacturers recommendations. Our qualified plant mechanics undertake routine maintenance and servicing and are on call 24 hours for break downs.

Our crews undertake daily pre-start inspections of our plant in accordance with CICA standards.

Our cranes are inspected annually by qualified Cranesafe inspectors as recommended by the CICA, and meet all relevant standards for each class of crane.

Our Lifting Equipment is inspected by qualified and competent personnel on a monthly basis (the Australian Standards require quarterly inspections) and are independently assessed annually. Copies of these registers for each crane are carried on the crane.

Lift Methodology

Our Site Risk Assessment process requires our crane crews to review the load, the configuration of the crane and lifting equipment and only once they have assured themselves of the ability of the crane and the rigging, are they permitted to commence lifting.

Our technical supervisors will assess complex lifting tasks and provide our personnel with detailed lift plans, where necessary incorporating specifications and drawings to ensure your lift proceeds smoothly.

Our personnel are also able to call on the depth of knowledge and variety of experience of our technical supervisors to ensure they comply with best practice in each and every lift. Whether the lift plan is prepared in advance or done on site, a lift plan is completed for every lift, and our crews discuss and agree on what and how they will perform the lift.