Slew Cranes

A slew crane consists of a crane mounted on a carrier. The crane rotates (or slews) around a central pivot (the slew ring).  Height and reach is provided by a boom. For mobile cranes, this boom is generally telescoping and hydraulically operated.

Our range of slew cranes includes truck mounted, rough and all terrain cranes, ranging from our 30 tonne truck crane, capable of using most driveways, up to our 250 tonne all terrain crane.

Franna Cranes

Franna Cranes are one of the most versatile tools in any industry. These cranes are articulated (bend in the middle) to provide more manoeuvrability, have pick and carry capability (pick the load up and carry it around), and with the new MAC25 can lift up to 25T.

Using their Rhino hooks for minimum head room, or their main hook for maximum lift, these cranes offer quick set up and maximum flexibility.